In Focus


DraftCraft Films Productions is an International Production House that generates films, shorts, documentaries, AV projects and experimental makes for private clientele, public authorities, media clientele for educational purposes and strategic posturing.

It handles all film production needs for DraftCraft International, its media entity The Draft as well as fulfils production needs and requirements for private and state entities.

At the helm of affairs is film-maker Gajanan Khergamker with more than three decades of experience in strategic documentary making and social filming. Mr Khergamker holds talks, lectures and workshops on pertinent issues related to films, production and the law - Censorship, Rule of Law, Copyright, Freedom of Speech, etc.

SeeChange, Shades and Freedoms, among others, are key initiatives launched by DraftCraft Films Production in conjunction with other DraftCraft International entities.

DraftCraft Films Productions also organises real-time and virtual segments of the DraftCraft India International Travelling Film Festival Trail (DRIFT) Across India and Beyond Borders.