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In The Dock

Team DF | Mumbai

In The Dock - a DraftCraft Initiative - documents the travails of a section of the lakhs of Banjaras, Kolis, Kannadigas, Tamilians and North Indians residing in South Mumbai's slums, whose lives are fully dependent on Sassoon Docks.

The documentary on the subject, issued in Public Interest, is a bona fide attempt to document the agony of the migrant labour. A monsoon closure of the Docks, as is a norm, sends everyone dependent on the place for a living, scurrying for alternate means of living during the period, year after year.

Should Sassoon Docks close down for good, as is widely feared will be the outcome of a series of litigations, it will be a sheer disaster for the poorest of poor working at one of Mumbai's oldest docks.