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Casa De Cha

'Casa De Cha' is part of an ongoing initiative of DraftCraft Institute of History and Heritage Management in conjunction with DraftCraft Films Productions. The Institute documents history, heritage and socio-cultural processes in India and Beyond Borders. All material is copyrighted. It may, however, be shared and distributed freely but only 'as is' and with attribution to 'DraftCraft International'.

The production is a self-financed 'Short' of the DraftCraft International's T.E.A.S.E.R. series (Talks, Exhibitions, Art, Shorts/Shows, Events, Readings/Research) and part of 'Cuisines Of Goa Project' where intrinsic relations between food, people and cultures are explored, documented and popularised. 

The Project involves film productions, exhibitions, talks, lectures, screenings (StopWatch) of lengthier, extensive versions of Shorts and research programmes held in Goa and across the world.

DraftCraft International's flagship initiative 'StopWatch' engages participants in discussions over film screenings for awareness and sensitisation on issues of social and cultural relevance.

StopWatch screenings and discussions are organised for interested groups, stakeholders, authorities and the public at large. The screenings are held at DraftCraft studios across India, Beyond Borders, at partner venues across the globe and in the open. You may commission a screening at your venue for a select audience as well. 

DraftCraft International's Goa Programme also includes and is not limited to several zone-specific projects, as follows: * Feni Project * Gomantak: Then and Now Project * Revival of the Goan Hindu Project * The Goa Inquisition Project * Heritage Trails in Goa Project * Made In Goa Project * International Relations and Goa Project * Tourism Policy in Goa Project * Churches of Goa Project * Unseen Goa Project * Architecture of Goan Catholics Project * Goa's Tryst with Nature Project * Sands of Goa Project

You may email on for information on the project, to commission a screening and/or to get involved.